Monday, August 30, 2010


Tomorrow marks 1 year.  The dreaded phone call,  It started the slew of appointments, tests, poking, prodding, chemical cocktails and radiation.  1 year ago and the whole year looking back was the craziest, scariest experience of my life.  Tomorrow is a milestone, and i'm sure one of many.  Not everyone can say they've beat cancer.  I'm proud of what i've accomplished. I received this in the mail yesterday.  It proves that no matter if you're 23 or 80, it can be beaten.  Cancer is no match for me.
Note: Left was taken 9/2/09.  My heart doesnt light up because the tumors decided to use up all the radioactive glucose to show its ugly face.  Right was taken 3/1/10.  Speaks for itself.

Happy Cancerversary Me.