Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gotta love him! More water please!

Brown fat?  Why must you mimic the sign of cancer in a PET scan?  Seriously, folks...  This "brown fat" makes it look like I have cancer mania in my neck area.  I'll post pictures soon.  But confirmed in my appointment with the Doc that there is little, to NO sign of maligncy in my lymph nodes.

Radiation is likely.  I'll here From Dr Rad anytime now.  Short term and low dose radiation.  My new insurance policy that greatly decreases my chances of relapse. 

Just had treatment today, and this all is starting to seem so... second nature. Like....Routine.  Every two weeks,  its the same deal.

Monday - Bloodwork before noon.  Lab lady likes to stick the needle straight through the same vein while she talks to me about chemo.  Apartment cleaning frenzy, now with a boat load of laundry.

Tuesday - Infusion Day (I hate the word chemo) Takes anywhere from 3 to 5 hours depending if I see Doc or not.  Home at last and drained, I choke down 2 glasses of water with some ambien, and i'm off to bed.

Wednesday - Things start to tumble down.  Stomach starts to churn.  Its manageable with the anti nasueadrugs, but still drained and feel sickly.

Thursday - A bogus day.  I found iviting people over to my "lair" keeps my mind off the bunk side effects of chemotherapy.  Unlikely i'll eat much, the tastebuds are in a funk.  Just sleep, take a bath, wedding shows, fall asleep to greys anatomy and wake up to Cody finally home.  Chicken Pot Pie and a liter of water later, back to ambien and bed. 

*Cody gets this time to play some of the new xbox games he got, and still constantly ask me if I need anything.  Gotta love him!  More water please!

Friday - The turning point.  I finally feel better, more energy... to clean the apartment again.  Almost a week of riding the couch wave and drugging myself to less than normalcy has done a number on the kitchen, living room, and laundry hamper. Weak, but keeps me productive and gives that sense of accomplishment.

Saturday - I always seem to wake up to my tongue swelling.  Like little teeth marks on the sides of my tongue.  Ibprofen, and popsicles seems to help.  Mouth sores would be much worse... But today is good.  Normal almost.  Able to have a beer and take roxy out for a good long walk.

Sunday - Swelling goes down, I can eat a full meal again - and being back to myself does wonders for the soul. ;)

Anyways,  its a general idea of treatment week for me.  Luckily at this point I only have 3 of them left to endure.  Holidays were great cause they went by quick and pain free.  Couldnt be happier with the way things are going.

It will be February 9 before I know it.   --   9 down 3 to go.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Guess What!!!!!

Officially in COMPLETE REMISSION.  Thats right.  I kicked cancers ass.

Now to just finish out the remanining cycles to get rid of the remaining microscopicals, and this chick is on her way back to a  full head of hair, and the wedding i've been putting off for toooo long now.

Best news of my life.

Round 4 = History

With my 4 bag of creamsavers in tow, I was able to get through the end of cycle without a hitch.  (Except I got a nurse I didnt know, and they poked me twice to find a good vein).  Dad went with me, and is a fantastic chemo-company.  California Turkey Wraps, Dr Pepper, Star Magazine (Lots about Tiger Woods).  It seemed like forever before they could get me out of there though..  Like a bad server, our nurse was in the weeds with 4-5 patients.

This was also the day I was anticipating my PET scan results.  I havent gotten a scan to show progress, only the initial scan before I began treatment in September.  It is now the next day, I called Doctor and i'm anxiously awaiting a return call.  Complete Remission here I come!

On another light note, last treatment as explained was quite miserable.  I came home feeling like crap, and spent the next two days feeling even worse.  Had a mini-emotional break down (with dads help, got through the last 30min for Cody to get home) and was on a strict chicken broth diet.  I didnt dare to eat anything else.  This time around?  Not so bad!  Came home yesterday a little drained, but was able to eat ok.  Woke up this morning feeling icky as usual, but able to eat and drink plenty of aqua.  I think it might be the anticipation of the end of treatment to come!  I hear this is about the point where most chemo patients notice their hair growing back and the treatments getting a little easier to handle.  So lucky me!

I would post another picture, but the giant bags under my eyes and no color in my face would send the kiddies running for the hills. 

I'll post again when I get the call about the PET scan.  Lets pray the results are what I think they're going to be!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Waiting for the turning point?

I will never again under-estimate the time it takes for my body to bounce back.  Everytime I get the usual treatment for this so called cancer, I constantly tell myself I will feel better by thursday.  Treatment on Tuesday, better by Thursday.  Yeah, a frickin stretch..

I seem to feel ok in the mornings.  Chow down some grub.   Yeah, grub.  Get some paper and make myself a little to do list, but try not to over-do it.  Over-exerting myself is the worst feeling ever.  Before I know it, my head is foggy, my stomach starts to turn on me and I find myself trying to "choke" down water.  WATER!!  I maybe had a piece of toast, and oatmeal to eat yesterday.  But the worst part, is being left alone with my thoughts.  I'm usually super positive.  "It will pass"  But yesterday I had a mini-breakdown.  Feeling like shit, not being able to consume anything ALL DAY, and going through it all alone... really starts to take its toll. --- The point is, every Thursday I find myself waiting for the turning point.  I need to come to terms with the fact that it NEVER COMES ON THURSDAY.  Just impatiently waiting to feel better over-exerts my body, and in turn I end up making myself feel even worse.

This damn chemotherapy is both friend and foe.  Both saving my life, and making it more difficult.  Cant be in large crowds.  Cant be around anyone with so much as a cough.  Cant do so much as laundry until the weekend following treatment.  My digestion?  You dont even want me to go there... but lets just say, it aint right. I could go on and on with complaints about the lowsy side effects...  but i'm not going to.  I'd rather get up off the couch (finally!) and find something that tastes good. 

Popsicle maybe.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Next stop, the scan. Now with AP

Today I feel quite shiteous.  So this entry will be a short one.
I do believe all the exercise I got in the last 1.5 weeks have helped me barr through the side effects a bit quiciker.  I feel icky, but have a feeling i'll be bouncing back tomorrow instead of friday. 

I have a PET scan scheduled the day before my next treatment, and just might have the results back within 24hours!  So while they're pumping the poison through my body, I'll know whether or not i've kicked this cancer ass.  I'm confident that shiz is GONE.  Just 2 more cycles to be sure, a bit of radiation to wipe out whatever microscopicals we cant see, and i'm on the road to the golden wedding.  The anticipation is killing me!

Anyways, bobby dad and I took some fun photos during treatment yesterday.

This is AP. (Angry Panda)

Jokes Book to keep my mind off the poison.


AP wanted coffee, and he got coffee.

AP getting blood pressure taken.  Hes 130/86

AP's DuRag               



Thats all for now, folks.