Thursday, February 24, 2011


Someday, I will stop having so many issues with my laptop and will be able to continue my blog!  Sorry loyal followers!

Since the LLS walk. a lot has happened!  Cody and I finally tied the knot in October and enjoyed a well deserved tropical honeymoon.  Everything was beautiful!  I cant post pics as many were lost in the devastating laptop crash of 2010.  Although, wedding pictures are on my facebook!

November was the dreaded scan. First scan since finishing radiation.  Doc wanted me to do it in August, but said post-poning a couple months wouldnt hurt so I could get married. :)  Good thing I fired the old oncologist lesbian hard-ass.  She wouldnt have done that for me.  Aside from having to choke down the only flavor CT juice kaiser had (pina colada?) it was fairly painless.  Although, I now know this "scanxiety" and how it forces mental havoc on us cancer patients.  Clean scan though!  YES!!!!!!

The horror at this point ultimately comes from within.  Every pain, strain, pressure, fatigue, and itchyness makes me a nervous wreck.  I've learned not to dwell on these, even though i'm due for another scan next month!

Let the scanxiety begin!

 Happy 2011!  Lets make it a Cancer free year.  And YES! my hair is really in a ponytail

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