Thursday, February 25, 2010

Laziness is not on my schedule.

So i've slacked a bit on updating my blog, but its in good reason I guarantee you!  You see, I would have gotten chemo this past Tuesday... but no.  I have finally gotten a week with no poking, prodding, chemicals, or feeling bad for myself.  So I took advantage and have spent my time doing shit.  Let me tell you, it is AWESOME.  In a week i've managed to find my wedding venue, set a date, workout everyday, work on sarahs baby shower, do laundry, clean house, walk dog, hang with Katy, celebrate remission, THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE.  These are all things I was unable to do, or had an extremely difficult time doing for the past 6 months.

Granted, its not all over.  I do start the radiation part of the grand scheme of things in a few short weeks.  I will be taking risks, dealing with fatigue,a "sunburn", some heartburn and a sore throat....but its still not chemo.  I can still try and get on with my life. 

The hard part is over, and i'm taking advantage.

"Its often the bend in the road that makes life worth the drive"

Monday, February 15, 2010

And the feeling good part starts...... NOW

After the tongue swelling went down (Happy Valentines Day!) I officially declared myself in recovery.  Thats right,  not AFTER radiation but AFTER chemo.  Thats when my body can start to repair itself from the 12 chemical cocktails.

Funny how the body reacts to the way you think.  After treatment 11 and before treatment 12, I started walking and stretching daily.  Started looking at wedding stuff again.  Started the recovery process before I even had my last treatment, and let me tell you.... it has done wonders.  Specifically:

Hair starting to look not so GOD AWFUL. (but thankful I didnt lose it all)
Eyebrows coming back.
Skin not so dry and rough and "ek"
Steroid weight going down (slowly but surely)
More energy!
More quality time with Cody
Better things to do than Laundry
Dont mind missing my favorite shows for some human interaction.
Football is over - means more time AWAY from the TV.
Only a matter of time before going back to work.

I still wont hug you though...  I think I will forever be a germaphobe.

Unfortunately - My nails have seen better days.  Our month of Super Mario Bros Wii has taken its toll on my thumb nails, and now the right thumb nail seems to want to part ways.  Gross.

Well, off to get my lungs checked.  Lets hope the B didnt cause any permanent damage.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chemo NO MORE Therapy

The feelings are so overwhelming, as I repeatedly told friends and family that I would never wish this treatment on anyone... not even my worse enemy.  The feeling of accomplishment is very overwhelming and i'm sure it will be for a while. 
I still am VERY determined to hit the ground running... even if the running part requires a few weeks of walking first.

Yesterday, I completed my last treatment sans Bleomycin.  Turns out the tightness in my chest I had been mentioning for the last month finally struck SOMEBODY as a problem.  I now await a pulmonary funcion test to make sure I dont have bleomycin toxicity... which if proven true - I get back on my worst enemy.... Steriods.  The chest xray didnt show any signs of that, but we must cover all bases.

I cant wait for the celebration. 
Its FEB 20 everyone!  At Dirks off Dry Creek and University at 730 if anyone who reads this wants to come!
Bobby and Rick James' Bit&^

Monday, February 1, 2010

How about a High Five instead.

There is nothing that sends my nerves into panic mode more than hearing someone is sick.  Definitely sucks having to explain why I cant hug you.  Most people dont listen, and hug anyway.  I feel its rude to shun someone when they're going in for the hug.  Thats the risk I take.  Either make them feel like a moron for trying, ask for a high five instead, or give them a shitty (mini) hug and risk catching what they didnt wash off their hands four hours ago.

I've had to lysol doorknobs, remote controls, the tops of soap dispensers... you name it, i've disinfected it every few days for the last 6 months.  That being said, I cant expect everyone else to do the same.  The paranoia that comes with having no immune system definitely sets in when in public, or anywhere but home....  and you all wonder why I stay hidden under my rock?  The germs might as well be neon orange, thats how well I can spot an unclean surface.  Public bathrooms are the worst, as i'm sure all the ladies have experience with "hovering" or the "kick flush". 

At any rate, I have quite a viral bullet to dodge.  Its nobodys fault, but it just plain sucks to even have to worry about it.

Thought i've been slacking on pics.  So here is Roxy alien eyes, and Cody Christmas beard.